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Biofeedback/SCIO Healing

At the beginning of the new century, Jenna was introduced to a technical device called the SCIO also known as the Quantum Xeroid. or E.P.F.X. This device has proven itself to be on the cutting edge in health technology. Many health practitioners feel this is where the medical industry is headed. Currently, Jenna is an advanced practitioner with the SCIO. The SCIO device releases stress in the body electric so the body and mind can heal itself. Along with a detailed analysis of everything from what are specific dietary needs, to blood analysis and offers a complete evaluation of health on all levels. The SCIO has over 300 different treatments to help balance the entire system. To date, Jenna is combining all of her previous experience with the technology of the SCIO and is having incredible results.

To learn more about how SCIO can help you, please click here. 

In addition to humans, all animals can benefit from the SCIO treatment

Our pets wish they could tell us what ails them but they can't.. Fortunately, we can measure their frequencies and what they have reacted to physically and emotionally. This is a form of direct communication with your pet. We can balance them so their healing can begin. Animals love the treatment!

To  learn more about how SCIO can help the amazing animals in your life, click here:

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