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Frequently Asked Questions

If you need help, here is a list of frequently asked questions and answers. We strive to answer all of your questions as best as possible. Click a question below to view the answer. If you need more information, feel free to write to Jenna at:

How do I pay for a treatment ?

You may pay through Paypal or credit card .through PayPal. Payment is required at the time the appointment is made. There is a small fee for the use of PayPal. After contacting Jenna, she will send you an invoice for your payment through PayPal.

What is the price for a session ?

Jenna is offering special pricing during the month of March,  April and May 2019.  Please review under pricing discounts from normal pricing. There is also a discounted rate for children, babies, and the elderly. Please email for pricing. Jenna also offers a package rates.

How many treatments do I need?

This is a very individual question. Obviously there are those who have more serious issues than others. After the first treatment that can be addressed after a review is done and the specific problem is looked at.

Where is Jenna Located?

Jenna is located in North County San Diego, California.

How many treatments can I have in the course of a week.?

It is not recommended for more than three a week. 

How will I know what to do next after my treatment?

The frequencies of the system continue working for three days. Some people feel more energetic and others feel the need to rest. Most times there is a sense of well being and a  noticeable change that occurs.

What are the side effects of the SCIO treatment?

There are no negative side effects with the SCIO. The treatment is relaxing and most people feel a sense of aliveness and relaxation after their session.

Do I have to see Jenna in person to get a treatment? 

No, the treatment is very effective remotely as well. However you must email Jenna with your full name, birth date, where you were born and your phone number before any treatment occurs. All information is kept confidential and not shared with any third parties. 

Can I buy recommended products off of Jenna's Site?

No, Jenna does not sell the products that she recommends directly off of the site. However she will refer you to the most effective products that she has found and how to buy them.

What should I do to prepare for the treatment/Scan?

It is recommended to drink a lot of good water for the most optimal reading. During the testing, no talking, do not wear any metal. Long distance scans are best done on a day you are at home.

Will Jenna travel to me for a session?

Yes, Jenna will bring the equipment to you however there is an extra charge for this service. If traveling out of San Diego to another Southern California city. The charge is $150 dollar fee. If Jenna travels locally in the San Diego area, the fee is $50 dollars.

How much time can I expect to be treated.

The first treatment it is a three hour desired time. The reason is to tune the body before a specific  issue can be treated.  Additional treatments are generally one hour and a half up to two hours.

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