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Introducing Jenna Loren

Jenna has had a career in the Holistic Health and Human Potential industry that has spanned over three decades.

As a youth and a young adult, Jenna traveled to various places such as Mexico; studying nutritional therapies, Switzerland; studying immune function therapies, Germany; anti-aging, India; meditation and spiritual healing. Jenna’s quest for specialized healing techniques and leading-edge technologies also includes China and the Philippines in search of treatments for today’s stressful lifestyles.

Jenna has had an interest in frequency medicine since the early eighties. Knowing that our body systems have our own energetic patterns, Jenna has searched for therapy for many years that would address a person’s entire electrical system. From early on Jenna realized there are many factors that create dis-ease. It is a well-documented fact in the scientific community that emotions and stress play a significant part in our state of health. Stress is now acknowledged as a killer in our society.

Emotional stress in an intangible, yet science has now proven electrical signals from our emotions and brain patterns directly affect every part of our being. This does not include EMF waves and all of the electrical technology that has impaired our health today.


When a person has a car or a computer or anything that needs to be repaired, how do you choose your mechanic? Our bodies are no different. As with your car, you want an experienced mechanic or with your body, you want a practitioner who has had experience with your particular issue and has an understanding of the body on so many levels. It isn't enough to know how to run the system, which is very complicated in itself. The skill comes in with the practitioner and the intention of that person who you are trusting with the information that the scan imparts to get the desired results. 

Jenna has spent countless hours for over thirty years studying all of the systems in our bodies, researching the most effective products and truly cares about you and your ability to heal yourself through this modality and her suggestions. Jenna is honest and coaches you to take responsibility for your health and your well being consistently. 

Jenna may refer you to other practitioners or modalities that she feels are suited for your situation and never holds back on any new discoveries which could enhance her treatments or your state of health.

Jenna will work on a client as many hours as it takes for the desired result, especially if she works long distance and you aren't required to sit for hours and hours. Often you are charged for a certain amount of time but if she feels there is a lot more to do and can do it in that session,  Jenna will continue until your body tells her, she is done. The result is most important to Jenna

There are other modalities that Jenna has experience with that she brings into your session. Although the focus is the SCIO, other avenues of healing are incorporated. 

Jenna's goal is to make a difference and it starts with you!


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