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I have known Jenna Loren for over 5 years. She has helped me in many

ways. First, I was bitten in two places by a brown recluse spider. A

bright red line was traveling up my body and it was a weekend. She told

me to use iodine. It stopped the spread so I made it to the Dr. the

next day.

Next, she used her machine to detect my toothache was a cracked tooth

and infection. The Dr. took x rays but the wrong angle. Jenna was very

sure it was a cracked molar. I finally went to a dentist and got him to

take the x rays at another angle. He found it and extracted the tooth

and found the infection. End of problem.

Lately, Jenna has been working on my pain in my hip and colon. She has

made it so I can sleep each night. Thank You, ​Jenna.

Dr.D  Washington State 

My Trip To China

Shortly after returning from my China, I was having terrible stomach pain, along with headaches, nauscea. I felt like my head was going to explode and no one could tell me what the hell was going on!  They chucked it up to being stressed. 


I had heard of Jenna’s amazing long distance healing work but I was very apprehensive and somewhat pessimistic about the validity and strength of her work not seeing her in person. 


When I called she got right back to me with an incredible amount of information, she immediately knew I was dealing with parasites and some structural issues along with having a strong hunch in other areas. She is very astute as everything she claimed was causing my issues turned out to be correct.  


And her prices are extremely fair and reasonable. Much less than other people I had researched who were far less knowledgeable than Jenna.


We agreed to have her work on me for one session to see how I felt.


Well, the next day I was amazed! I had No Stomach Pain, No Headache, No Stiff Neck and Lower Back! I did however feel tired for most of the day, but then the next day was really interesting. For the first time in weeks, I felt balanced, relaxed and completely centered.  I immediately signed up for a package of 10.


This is truly the best I have felt in such a long time, I can’t wait to see how I’ll feel in a few months!  Thank you Jenna. You are a born healer.

​Sick and nauseous for no apparent reason.

Hi, I am a young guy with great health living in Carlsbad Ca. One day I woke up very dizzy and nauseous for no apparent reason. I could hardly walk. This lasted for two days until my mother told me about Jenna and her work. I had her do a long distance scan on me and she found that I was affected by radiation. We didn't know where that was coming from although we live somewhat close to the San Onofre nuclear generating plant. At that time it wasn't shut down. Jenna worked on me long distance and within a day my symptoms went away completely. Thank you, Jenna, I doubt anyone else would have known how to treat me!  Andrew McCarty  (San Diego) 

Suffered for years with Rheumatoid Arthritis and couldn't get pregnant.

Hi, I have had health issues for years since I have been 19 years old. I started to come to Jenna for regular treatments. She had found that my problem stemmed from Lyme disease. which no other had connected this to my rheumatoid arthritis. My health issues have been so advanced and I had given up mostly. Jenna worked on me and suggested certain products and a protocol.

I have been frail and weak since I was  19 years old. and spent thousands to try to get help from everyone. I went to every doctor I could and many holistic practitioners, took all kinds of herbs and products to try to get well to no avail. I was told that I would never have children by several doctors and that my disease was so advanced that I simply couldn't bear a child. After following Jenna's suggestions, I improved and felt hopeful. One time when I came to see Jenna, she told me she thought I was pregnant and the  Scio was indicating that. I told her that was impossible and two weeks later I called and told her I was pregnant. I was so nervous about having a child because of my afflictions and I did not think I could go through it. Well, she worked on me with the Scio during my pregnancy and I had a normal beautiful girl. I now have two beautiful girls and my health is much much better, I still have a road to go but with her work and her advice, I have improved wherein I thought I would never get better. There have been many changes in my health and she is so compassionate and committed to my wellness. Thank you, Jenna 

Allison. Hardison ...  San Diego 

So many things wrong, I didn't know where to turn.

I live in a small town of three hundred people in Wyoming. One summer a few years ago, I attended an expo in Mexico with my husband. I was speaking to someone at the expo when Jenna's name came up. I had been discussing the myriad of health issues I was experiencing. One of them was a migraine headache that lasted non stop for fifteen years. I was so used to having this that it became so natural to feel bad. When I got home, I went to a new doctor and he prescribed 40 different medications for me because of my problems. That very day before taking them, I called Jenna. I did not want to tell her anything about my health situations except the migraines. She guaranteed me, I wouldn't have one after my treatment and I thought, SURE.... 

I tested her and the system by not telling her specifically what was wrong. The next day after I had my treatment, she called. She said she worked on me for 17 hours all night long. I was amazed because my headache was gone. Not only that but she told me everything she found as to what other issues I was having and she was correct. I chose to throw away the pills and followed her protocols. After three treatments the bleeding in my intestines was gone. I lost forty pounds that month and followed her advice on everything. This work changed my life and I have never gone back to being the sick and stressed person I was. I am eternally grateful for your dedication to my health Jenna, Thank you,  Melissa B. (Wyoming) 

Cowboy Accident!

My name is Tracy and I am the husband of Melissa who was being treated by Jenna and her system. We have a ranch in Wyoming and one day while riding my horse I was thrown off but my foot got caught in the stirrup. I was dragged for a bit and this tore my calf muscle to where it was literally ripped to my ankle. The pain was excruciating and immediately I told Melissa to call Jenna. She put me on a long distant scan on the pain treatment and within 5 minutes I was out of pain. She also told us that I needed to move it in a specific way and that I was 5 minutes from surgery but didn't think I would need it. I also worked in construction and was so upset because I didn't know how I was going to continue working with this injury. Well, the next day we had to drive 2 hours to the nearest doctor and when we saw him, he said exactly what Jenna had told me the day before. . In addition, he told me I would be resting for almost two months before being able to work again. When we got home, I called and asked Jenna to start treating me. She treated me 3 times for the next few weeks and I was back at work by the end of the  3 week. I  Can't thank you enough girl, Tracy B. (Wyoming) 

Suffered from depression and other things.

When I went to Jenna for help I was in terrible condition. I was so depressed I was considering suicide and I am a severe diabetic with blood sugars running about 350 in the mornings because I was an emotional eater. Within minutes of beginning my treatment I began to feel lighter and much better with my depression lifting. It has been about a week now and since the treatment, my depression is almost completely gone. I don't seem to desire to binge eat all of the time and my blood sugars have dropped to 150 yesterday and 220 this morning (had some dessert).

I have had a persistent cough and wheeze in my lungs for a couple of years. It is now instantly gone. My acid reflex is gone! To top it all off I am not snoring anymore. I am amazed! I would have found it hard to believe all of this could have happened if it wouldn't have happened to me. 

Thank you, Jenna,  Donna S. Lafayette, L.A.

Depression Drugs, Smoking and knees.

Jenna Loren is a gifted healer. When I first met her, I had been on antidepressants for over 15 years. After approximately a month of treatments, I was able to get off my antidepressants and felt more present and aware of the blessings in my life. Overall I was much happier and less anxious. It was as if a veil had been lifted and I was seeing things differently and in a much more positive light.

I was often shocked as to how she would point out the different problems I had with my body, even though I had not mentioned them or that they bothered me before she treated me. How did she know these things? I could not get over how she knew things about me physically and mentally that no one knew - sometimes even things about myself that I didn't even know. This energy medicine (Scio) is truly miraculous.

I was also a heavy smoker for over 20 years and had tried to quit several times with no success. With Jenna's help, I was finally able to say goodbye to cigarettes forever. I have been smoke-free now for over 9 years. I have also been told by three Orthopedic surgeons that I needed two total knee replacements. I have had back surgery and also have broken my back. I was often in pain after doing the smallest of household chores or shopping. But no more! After being on her Chinese herbs for one week - all pain in my body is gone! I used to roll out of bed with every bone in my body aching. Whenever doctors took X-rays of my back they would shake their head and say your entire back is riddled with arthritis and they would only offer me drugs that would suppress the pain. These Chinese herbs have changed my life! I can now go up and down stairs for the first time in 7 years with no pain at all. I can walk for extended periods of time, get down on my hands and knees and garden for hours. This has brought so much joy back into my life. Even when I am just feeling a bit off...Jenna can give me a treatment and I feel lighter and all around more grounded and better. I do not know exactly how it works, but it works!

I've seen so many of my family members get back and knee surgeries and they are never better and often worse! I believe that you should always try the holistic way first before allowing Doctors to cut you or medicate you. Of course, unless it is life-threatening. I know that Big Pharma contributes about 60-70% of all the money needed to operate medical schools. Why? So they can control the curriculum and teach the Doctors how to treat by medicating, NOT by healing. They are also taught to do surgery, and not how to promote and allow the body to heal itself. After seeing so many of my loved ones die from Cancer and suffer such terrible pain both before and after surgeries; I am convinced that natural healing is always a better alternative whenever possible. Jenna is taught how to heal and how to put the body in alignment so natural healing can take place more rapidly. God made us all so wonderfully and I believe this is the way God has intended us to heal.

I highly recommend Jenna and her protocols. She is very knowledgeable in not only the Scio but all herbal and nutritional supplements. If you have a problem with your health or even psychologically, try a session with Jenna first. You will notice a difference after just one treatment! Remember, Jenna will FIX the source of the problem, not cover it up! Nor will she just treat the symptoms with prescriptions or unnecessary surgeries. She is a healer, thru and thru. What have you got to loose beside pain or an unhealthy body?

Cynthia DeMaine

St. Louis MO.

Suffered For Years, Devoted To My Healing!

I have tried many forms of healing throughout the years. I have Grave's disease and chronic pain syndrome. I had terrible muscle pain, brain fog and I was suffering from anxiety and depression. My hormonal imbalance was severe. I couldn't sleep or think straight and I had difficulty walking. Jenna was so devoted to my healing. In just one treatment I felt a huge improvement I felt clear headed, the pain had dramatically diminished and I had much more peaceful energy.I was able to walk and do normal activities. My thoughts were clear and I was able to do normal activities effortlessly. Simple tasks that had taken great effort previously were simple. I would highly recommend this treatment. Jenna actually cared about me and my results. Jenna followed up on me and called and was extremely helpful. Her compassion and knowledge about health is remarkable. Thank you for helping me Jenna, much gratitude and blessings.

Maggie Horbey Brown,  La Quinta Ca.

A difficult time walking 

For over three months I was suffering from a lack of movement in my left leg. I was experiencing excruciating pain in my groin muscle and outer knee. This affected my ability to walk, including upstairs. It got so bad that I couldn’t use my knee muscles and had to lift my hips when climbing steps. Although I had gone to the Chiropractor for adjustments & deep tissue massages, I was not experiencing a change in the situation.

Being aware that we have two bodies, the material & energetic field, I decided to work with Jenna and her SCIO healing approach. I must admit I was a bit skeptic in the beginning due to my problem being more skeletal & muscular but was open to check it out. BOY WAS I BLOWN AWAY FROM THE RESULTS! Within the first two days not only did the pain subside, but my movement increased. By the fourth day, I was walking up and stairs using my knee muscles as I had in the past. Currently, I am fit as a fiddle walking 2 -3 miles a day as I had in the past.

All of this could not have been achieved without Jenna’s program and her continued recommendation for additional supplements and healthy lifestyle changes based upon the SCIO reading and healing. For anyone who is looking for a caring, responsible health advocate with proven results I highly recommend they work with Jenna and her SCIO healing. - Rebecca Morrison

Extreme Trauma physical and Emotional

I’ve known Jenna Loren for 30 years. She always wants to help people be at their best health, and she helped me. I went through 2 horrific traumas, one emotional and the other physical.

Combined they both lasted 3 years and totally took its toll on my body and mind. I am improving since Jenna has been working on me. I will continue to work with Jenna to reach my optimum health. She truly cares about people and animals. I highly recommend her expertise

and knowledge.

Cynthia Stevens

Santa Fe, NM

Extreme Pain For Many Years

I have been dealing with an injury from a few years back, that I didn't realize was going to take so long to heal. Not only that, but it would take on other symptoms that made it even worse. I was in pain most everyday...and had compromised functionality,

I tried every product and service that I could find to relieve the pain,....but NOTHING helped.

I don't believe in taking Advil or any of those over the counter pills, but I found myself without a choice...and even taking them, still was not completely out of pain.

Then a good friend of mine recommended that I call Jenna Loren. What happened from that call was MEMORABLE !

We spoke on the phone, and then she ran tests on me.

The next day, she gave me my results.

She prescribed a few things, that I got started on right away.

Within the first week, I was completely pain free and my circulation was vastly improved. I was shocked when I walked from the car to the store without grabbing a shopping cart for support! Wow!

It was remarkable to see how quickly things started to get better!

I always say, you gotta believe, and Jenna showed up not a moment too soon....My results are incredible.

I HIGHLY recommend her!

Hara Taicher

Motivational Speaker

Holistic Lifestyle Coach


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