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Chinese Traditional Herbal Medicines

Chinese Herbal Remedies have been known and used successfully for centuries!
The products recommended below are provided by a Naturopathic doctor I have known for more than 20 years.
As long as I have known her, Naturopath, Dr. B. has had a deep, longstanding family tie to the Chinese Royal family.
When the opportunity arose, in May 2018, Dr. B was asked if she would like to import and sell these "Royal" herbal formulas, first, only by word of mouth.  Her friend, a Chinese Master Gardener, herbal formulator, and a member of the Chinese Royal family has found it a very satisfactory partnership. These unique and totally plant-based products are helping people get healthy,  generally exceeding expectations.  The Royal's own manufacturing plant is producing well and can supply as much product as we need into the foreseeable future. These products are EXCLUSIVELY available in the USA from Dr. B.
She has been supplying more than 5000 happy clients since June 2018, all strictly by word of mouth.

When products work as well as these do . . . PEOPLE TALK!
I was delighted when Dr. B. offered me the exclusive opportunity to recommend them on my website.

I have personal experience taking "Blessing in a Bottle,"
which almost immediately and significantly reduced my joint/muscle inflammatory pain. 
The Sinusitis Chinese Remedy has cleared up a cough I've had for almost six months due to sinus drip.
Both Chinese Herbal Formulas exceeded my expectations!  I am starting on the "Beauty in a Box" next.

Any products found online, labels may look similar, were produced prior to 2016, when the Royal Family purchased the manufacturing plant.

Any similar looking products, sold at a discount, (produced by the previous mfg. plant owners) are past sale date and have been proven to be tainted with manmade steroids Some reports have come to us about orders online which were never received nor was any money refunded as requested.. Buyer Beware!



BLESSING in a Bottle

BLESSING in a BOTTLE” REDUCES INFLAMMATION AND SWELLING, which improves circulation, allowing blood to flow more freely bringing nutrition and cleansing to damaged areas and permitting deeper healing during sleep.

Two bottles (20 caps each) are recommended for first time users, to allow sufficient time and deep sleep which is when the most effective healing is carried out by the body. Blessing can be taken anytime as needed to reduce pain from inflammation. Any injury will cause inflammation and will heal much faster when inflammation levels are lowered. Keeping an extra bottle on hand "just in case"  is a good plan, accidents do happen!  Also recommended for children over 9 years old. Pets with an injury or old age infirmity respond well, just lower the dose. 

20 capsules per bottle.       $ 40.00 + S&H

TO ORDER call LINDA TRUS in our fulfillment office.       541-291-2164      10 AM to 9 PM PDT.


GLUCOSE STABILIZER lowers blood sugar, regulates fluctuations in blood sugar levels to maintain healthy blood sugar levels. Stabilization also reduces the risk of symptoms related to diabetes such as high blood pressure, Arteriosclerosis, blurry vision, feet numbness due to nerve damage and poor circulation and swelling in the feet, ankles and legs. Glucose stabilizer for type I and II diabetes, and people with high blood sugar Impaired Glucose Tolerance pre-diabetic state.

Usage: pre-diabetes take 2 capsules twice a day 30 minutes before meals.

Usage: Diabetes: 3-4 capsules twice per day.

Lower the dose as condition improves after 1st month.

Can be used continuously to maintain normal blood sugar.

60 capsules per bottle.       $45.00  + S&H

TO ORDER call LINDA TRUS in our fulfillment office.      541-291-2164      10 AM to 9 PM PDT.

Be as CLEAN as YOU can BE! 



 When your lymph system isn’t working effectively you feel like your body just hurts from head to toe. . . and when you look in the mirror your face tells "all".

The lymphatic system is a network of tissues and organs that help rid the body of toxins, waste and other unwanted materials. The primary function of the lymphatic system is to transport lymph, a fluid containing infection-fighting white blood cells, to the entire body. Lymphatic Care helps support the body's natural balance and maintain a healthy, clean lymphatic system FREE of phlegm. Also cleans the colon! Your waist size may drop, as the colon cleanses.

Take 3 tablets 2 times a day with warm water.

For 30 days 4 times a year.

36 capsules per bottle.        $ 30.00 + S&H

TO ORDER call LINDA TRUS in our fulfillment office.     541-291-2164     10 AM to 9 PM PDT.


SINUSITIS CHINESE REMEDY targets not only the infection in the sinus cavity, but also the lungs. Most Sinusitis is caused by a bacteria from the Staph family. This remedy targets that particular form of Staph and eliminates the bacteria from the sinus cavity and lungs. Two bottles are recommended to completely eradicate the bacteria and clear the breathing passages.

Take 2 tablets 2 times per day before meals. Recommend use for 28-35 straight days even if symptom stops. Use with ginkgo biloba also highly recommended for best result.

30 capsules per bottle.            $40.00 + S&H

TO ORDER call LINDA TRUS in our fulfillment office.       541-291-2164   10 AM to 9 PM PDT.




BEST MAN in a Bottle creates and supports hormonal balance for men. Men have the same hormones as women, only men have twice as much Testosterone, which if low, effects kidneys, prostate and can cause premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction. With low T, Estrogen and/or Progesterone the body starts to age quickly. Men experience the same effects as women; sagging skin, emotional ups/downs, hair loss and graying. This natural, botanical product over time rebuilds and balances hormone levels. Keep in mind - “It took time for your body to get out of balance. Your body needs a “healing time” for the balance and normal function to return.

Take 1 capsule up to twice a day 1 hour after a meal. Proceed slowly over a period of 2 weeks to 3 months with no side effects. Can be used to maintain good stamina at a lower dose.

30 capsules per bottle.           $50.00 + S&H
ORDER call LINDA TRUS in our fulfillment office.    541-291-2164      10 AM to 9 PM PDT.


BEAUTY in a BOX naturally adjusts feminine hormones. Hormonal imbalance also often means hot flashes, frequent emotional ups and downs and vaginal dryness. Your hair is graying faster than you think and it is falling out, as well. All signs that your hormones are low, all 3 of them -  ESTROGEN - PROGESTERONE - AND TESTOSTERONE!

Scientific studies have found that women who have lower T. levels, than the levels normal to women, can’t function very well. This all natural product assists the body to rebuild and balance ALL feminine hormones and helps to improve female functionality.

Take 2 capsules twice a day after meals, reduce the dose to 2 capsules as body condition improves after 3-5 weeks. Highly recommend eat lots of fruits and veggies, regular exercise, enough water and sufficient sleep.

40 capsules per bottle.           $ 50.00 + S&H

TO ORDER call LINDA TRUS in our fulfillment office.         541-291-2164     10 AM to 9 PM PDT.




Created from Nature....Proven by Science

500mg Phytocannabinoid Diols + 30mg CBG + 7 Active Terpenes

RECEPT is a broadest spectrum hemp extract that includes premium, organically sourced phytocannabinoids and poly-terpenes. Delivered by sonicated nano technology, each phytonutrient in RECEPT is zipped to cells and the Endocannabinoid System faster than ever. 

Faster Acting, Longer Lasting.

The difference between RECEPT hemp extract and some other liposomal hemp products is that RECEPT is formulated using high-force frequencies (sonication) that create ultra-fine-sized liposomes; we call this process, Nano Sonicated Technology. Because of their nano size—a mere 20-30nM on average—each liposome begins working within seconds after being dropped into the mouth.

A lifestyle of wellness begins with pure, premium ingredients. The high-quality hemp extract in RECEPT’s broad spectrum blend is sourced from 100% organically-grown hemp that’s been nurtured and ethically farmed right here in America. Experience the entourage effect for yourself!

Pricing is $ 108.00 for 1.69 fluid oz.

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