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Services Pricing Information

Below you will find. several sample pricing plans we have available to suit your needs.

Please contact us to discuss your specific situation and how we may help you.  We can then discuss which pricing structure will be the most beneficial to your needs and preferences.

Our desire is to work with you to accomplish your desired results.

You may contact me directly at 1-760-458-5803 or you can email me to schedule a time when we can speak at your convenience.  Please pay for services before the time of treatment. Thank You, Jenna

In Person or Remote First Session and Analysis

New clients:

For a three hour session in person or long distance $300.00.

All sessions include consultations and protocols.

Longer Sessions or Emergencies

Long Distant-- Very concerned or ill clients or long term issues needing longer hours.This will include as much as 6 hour treatments including over night on the system- $500.00 . All sessions include consultations and your protocol.

Follow up Sessions


The body being like an onion with many layers that create a problem, it is advised for follow up sessions.

If needed and I have suggested regular follow ups until issues are gone  $250.00

Package # 1

Includes 4 treatments. 1 treatment a week during a month period. Normal cost $300 per session. Package price, prepaid $1,000.

The fifth treatment is free. $300 Discount

All treatments include consultation and protocol.

Package # 2

Includes 1 long distant treatments weekly. These will include multiple hours for a one month period.

$1,600 paid in advance. $400 dollar discount.All treatments include consultation and protocol.

Animals/ Beloved Pets

Jenna would prefer a hair sample or a photo of your pet as well as a birth date if possible. Price for first time scan is $225 follow ups $175

Jenna works multiple hours on your pet until Jenna feels the work is done.

Seniors and Babies

65 years or older or children under 7

3 hour sessions $225

Long over night sessions multiple hours $300.

Package # 1 : 1 weekly session every week during a month $800 prepaid , savings $100

Package 2: Multiple hour weekly session during a month.$1,000,

savings $200

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